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first toilets

History of Plumbing

When we wash our hands in the sink, or put our clothes in the washer we don’t normally think about how lucky we are. So where and when did plumbing actually start? Well the earliest reports are...

upgraded bathroom

Easy Bathroom Upgrades

Are you getting tired of seeing the same old bathroom every day? Are you limited on time and a complete bathroom remodel isn’t in the budget? No need to worry, with these easy bathroom upgrade...

leaking toilet

9 Most Common Causes of a Leaky Toilet

  Leaky toilets can be annoying because there are so many causes. If you have a leaky toilet, you should have a professional plumber address it. Leaks can lead to high water bills because of...

Gillece Pittsburgh Drain Sewer Cleaning

Benefits of Sewer Video Inspection

It’s pretty cool that in today’s day and age, some of our biggest problems can be fixed thanks to technology. Unfortunately, plumbing blockages or broken pipes can occur in our home. Instead of...


When You Should Hire a Plumber

  Unfortunately sometimes problems arise. Although it might seem easier to fix it yourself, hiring a plumber when the problem is extensive will help save you from doing more damage than...


Natural Drain Cleaning Tips

When a drain is clogged, it is easy to grab a household cleaning product to clean it out. Many of these products though contain potent chemicals that present a number of dangers when they’re rinsed...


How Tap Water is Better Than Bottled Water

It’s crazy to think that every year more than $100 billion is spent on bottled water. Bottled water can be a trusted option for some countries that do not have a safe source of tap water. In the...