upgraded bathroom

Easy Bathroom Upgrades

Are you getting tired of seeing the same old bathroom every day? Are you limited on time and a complete bathroom remodel isn’t in the budget? No need to worry, with these easy bathroom upgrade ideas, you can change the look of your bathroom!

Add a towel rack – This is an extremely simple bathroom upgrade. Anchoring a towel rack in your bathroom will keep your wet towels off the floor. You can also opt for an old coat rack and add a vintage look to your bathroom instead.

Easy Replacements – There is no need to completely remodel your bathroom, all you need to do is make some small easy replacements. It is only natural for faucets to become rusty, switch out that faucet from the 80’s with a new sleek looking design of your choice.

If your toilet seat looks like it has seen better days, don’t hesitate to replace it – there are many styles to choose from.

A new light can change the whole look of your bathroom as well, go for a layered look or install a chandelier for a more elegant style.

A new paint job – Does your bathroom have old blue, pink or yellow tile? Instead of retiling, which is time consuming and costs more, try painting your bathroom a complimentary color. The not so favorable tile will no longer be the center of attention.

Do you still want to paint but you don’t want to paint all of your walls? Paint your cabinet doors and towel racks to add some additional color.

Easy installments – Adding pullout shelves to deep cabinets is practical upgrade. This allows for more organization and makes it easier for you to see all of your items.

Putting a frame around your mirror will tie your bathroom together nicely. It also gives it a cozier feel.

If the outside of your bathtub is not appealing, consider installing airstone to the front of your tub. It sticks on very easily, making the installment a piece of cake.

Don’t let your bathroom get you down, try these upgrades today and enjoy your daily trips to your improved bathroom.