Toilet Repair or Replacement – Know Which is Necessary for Your Situation

Problems with a toilet can often border on the line of being repaired or being replaced. Replacing a toilet is an expensive purchase, so it is important and cost worthy to be sure of when to repair your toilet verses when to replace it.

Stop and think how often has your toilet been repaired in the past year? If you’ve had to have it repaired more than once in the past year, you should really consider replacing your toilet. Constant repairs can really add up. There is no need to replace a toilet because of the flapper or fill valve, just as long as problems like these only occur every few years.

A crack on the toilet seat is fine and can obviously be replaced, but a crack in the porcelain means you need to get a new toilet and fast! A small crack has the potential to grow and turn in to a large crack that could break at any moment spewing water all over your bathroom.

Water usage
Older toilets typically use 3 to 5 gallons of water per flush. Each flush of the toilet really rack up your water bill. Low flushing toilets only use two gallons of water per flush – which has the potential to cut your water bill in half. If your toilet is more than 20-years-old, you should consider upgrading to a new toilet that will save water and money.

Too many clogs
A toilet that is clogging more than once a week means it is not functioning properly. You should never have to plunge your toilet once a week. A clog every once in a while is nothing to be concerned about, especially if you have children who like to use too much toilet paper.

A toilet should never move, shift, or wobble when you sit down on it. A toilet that is wobbling should be inspected by a licensed plumber. You could have some bolts that are loose or the wood underneath could possibly be rotting. Either way, this is a job for a professional to determine whether you need to repair or replace the toilet.