Fall leaves and trees

Fall Maintenance Tips – 2017

Fall is steady approaching whether you want summer to end or not. Although the month of September is still warm and a time to be spent soaking in every bit of the warm sun as possible, now is the best time to be preparing your home for the upcoming fall season.

Clean the gutters – Before you know it the leaves are going to start falling and will fill up your gutters, take the time now to clean out all the leaves, pine needles and mud that has been created and filling up the gutters during the past summer months.

Replace/tune-up leaf blower – For those with a massive yard, raking all those fall leaves is not an option. Test your leaf blower to make sure it’s working properly, give it a brief tune-up if necessary and if it shows no sign of life, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Seal windows and cracks in foundation – While it’s still warm out, take your time and use a caulking gun to seal those small cracks around the windows and doors of your home as this helps with the insulation. Make sure you check around the foundation of your home for cracks and seal those as well.

Store outdoor furniture – Before storing all the outdoor furniture away until next summer, give it a good cleaning and pressure wash if necessary, that way all you’ll need to do come next summer is dust off the cobwebs.

Pack pool toys away – Set out all life jackets and pool toys to completely dry before storing them for the winter to prevent mold and mildew from growing.

Change the air filters – Soon you’ll be turning off the central air conditioning in your home and switching to heat, before you make the switch change or clean the air filter depending on what kind you have.

Store window air conditioning units – When the weather begins to cool off, take out your air conditioning unit, before storing it away for the fall and winter season, clean the air filter so it will be ready to go next summer.