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Gillece Water Quality Services: ProSeries Ultra Filter for Home Water Filtration

Filtered water throughout the entire home can and should be a necessity for both you and your family. Water is a utility that we use for multiple functions, many of them external, but we also use it internally through drinking. Consuming anything, especially water, should be always taken into consideration, and the condition of your home’s water should never be overlooked. For home water filtration that you can trust and depend on, Gillece Water Quality Services offers whole-house water filtration systems, including the Ultra Filter by ProSeries.

Home water filtration is important because unfiltered water can have possible dangerous side effects. Unfiltered water may contain a high amount of chemicals used for preservation in main water supplies, which can be potentially harmful to your health. The existence of chemicals and other viruses, bacteria, etc. in unfiltered water have been linked to mild physical irritations, more serious illnesses, and even life-threatening diseases, including cancer. The Ultra Filter is a home water filtration system that works to remove potentially harmful impurities to deliver pure, quality water for your entire household.

Installed alongside a home’s whole-house carbon filter, The Ultra Filter reduces and eliminates particulates using multi-bore filter technology that can trap even the smallest of particles, some more than 33 times smaller than that of most unwanted compounds. The Ultra Filter also provides “green” home water filtration; it runs on minimal electricity, uses no chemicals, requires little-to-no maintenance, and is self-cleaning and long-lasting. The Ultra Filter even uses 1/10 of the energy required for a water cooler, and you can eliminate the need for bottled water! So, not only is the Ultra Filter effective for home water filtration, it is also environmentally friendly.

Home water filtration can help to improve the condition of both your health and your home. Water should be accessible and protected for all of the purposes it serves, especially drinking. No matter where water flows in your home or how many water sources you have, you can be assured that your water will be ultra purified and potentially harmful contaminants will be reduced. This leaves you with water that is safer to drink as well as free of odor or bad taste caused by chemicals and other impurities. The Ultra Filter provided and installed by Gillece Water Quality Services is an optimal choice for home water filtration.

Gillece Water Quality Specialists are experts at their field; they are trained, skill-certified, and licensed, and background-checked and drug-screened prior to employment. They treat you, your home, and your family as if it were there own! Gillece Services is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round. We never close! Call Gillece Water Quality Services today for a Water Quality Inspection or to have your Ultra Filter ordered today!

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