Dishwasher after use

Tips & Tricks – How to Get the Best Use Out of Your Dishwasher

Whether you just purchased a dishwasher or have been using one for years, it doesn’t hurt to review some helpful dishwasher tips. Follow these tips and you’ll get clean, spot and damage free dishes every time.

After running the dishwasher, have you been noticing that your dishes don’t always appear to be clean? It could actually be because you’ve been rinsing your dishes. Unless the dishes are going to sit in the dishwasher all day just scrape the food off and run the cycle. The sensor in the dishwasher is able to determine how dirty the plates are. If the dishes appear to be clean, the dishwasher won’t perform a really good cleaning.

Avoid putting sharp knives in the dishwasher. Sharp knives will damage other utensils during the cycle and can also damage the plastic in your dishwasher. After use simply wash it by hand in the sink.

There is a proper way to load a dishwasher. Cups should go in the top of the dishwasher and never placed over the pointed plastic – doing this will cause a water mark. Plates and bowls should be aimed down at the sprayer for the most effective clean. Be sure that all plastic containers are securely in place – the sprayer could knock them loose and could cause damage to other dishes.

A lot of detergent comes in bulk. It might seem like a good idea to stock up so you always have it but detergent works best when it’s fresh. You should also keep detergent in cold dry places. Keep it in the pantry rather than under the sink to avoid clumping.