Water Purification Systems: Pure Water at Your Fingertips

Whether due to its unappealing taste or smell, or poor quality in general, many of us prefer not to drink tap water. Instead we may choose to drink bottled water, which actually may not be any better or safer than tap.

When it comes to drinking water in your home, you can have pure, refreshing water from the tap with the help of water purification systems. These systems filter out contaminants such as chemicals and heavy metals from your water, delivering safe, great-tasting water every time you turn on the faucet.

The Trouble with Tap

When tap water smells strange or tastes bad, it’s probably due to the presence of chlorine or hydrogen sulfide. There is a possibility of thousands of different chemicals affecting your tap water, including arsenic, mercury, and fluoride. All water supplies are pretreated to get rid of harmful contaminants, but sometimes disinfectant byproducts contaminate the water themselves and then end up in your water. Not only do these impurities cause your water to taste or smell funny, but they may also be harmful to ingest. Many chemicals and heavy metals are associated with health problems ranging from bone damage to kidney disease.

Whole-house Filtration

A whole-house water filter works with your main water line and interior pipes to filter water throughout your home, at every sink and faucet. You can grab a drink of water from the bathroom, for instance, and always have purified water at your fingertips.

Under-sink Purification System

An under-sink water purification system can be installed at your kitchen sink where you use water the most. It’s beneficial not only for drinking from the tap but also for cooking and making coffee or tea. The filtered water comes through your cold water faucet whenever you need it.

Water purification is a convenient solution to potential tap water problems. You can always have fresh, safe water without having to a buy a bottle. Whole-house filtration and under-sink systems are two popular options out of numerous water purification solutions that can improve the quality of water for you and your family.