Water Softener System by ProSeries

Gillece Water Quality Services: ProSeries Water Softener System

If hard water is bringing you or your home down, soften it! The effects of hard water can be vast and unpleasant, from soap scum and hard water scales to bad taste and odor. Hard water- water that is untreated- may contain high levels of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Minerals can combine with other compounds, and when they do, soap scum and other impurities may develop, leaving you and your home with an unnecessary mess or unpleasant side effect. Hard water can also decrease the performance of cleansing products because it has trouble mixing with soap in order to lather. This means more time spent on cleaning and insufficient cleaning, at that. Soft water from a water softener system can increase the performance of products and appliances and help to improve the quality of everything you use with water- your dishes, clothes, hair, skin, and more!

The ProSeries Water Softener by ProSystems and installed by Gillece Water Quality Services is a programmable water softener system designed to work around your family’s needs. Although the system is sophisticated, it is easy to program using a three-button keypad and digital display. This water softener system regenerates based on your household’s water usage, with an adjustable five-cycle regeneration system. The ProSeries Water Softener itself has flexible installation options and is made out of durable material for corrosion resistance. It is an easy, versatile, efficient, and reliable water softener system. The ProSeries Water Softener also runs on an electronic system that maintains your specific program settings, so you don’t have to worry in the case of a power outage.  The ProSeries Water Softener System removes unwanted minerals found in hard water, leaving you and your home with noticeably different and improved results. With a ProSeries Water Softener, water throughout your entire home comes out crystal clear and clean.

Gillece Services Water Quality Specialists can professionally install a ProSeries Water Softener System to address hard water issues and to provide you and your home with better, cleaner water. See the difference in sparkling dishes, whiter whites, and softer clothes. Your skin becomes softer when you have a water softener system, and so does your hair, because shampoo rinses out more easily than before. You can spend less time cleaning and increase the longevity of your cleaning products! Call Gillece Services for your ProSeries Water Softener by ProSystems today.

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