Dirty water in a glass

Benefits of Backflow Testing

The importance of clean drinking water is detrimental to you and your family’s health. At one point or another, your home may experience a backflow problem due to dramatic changes in water pressure. To ensure your family’s safety of backflow, have your backflow tested.

What is backflow testing?
Backflow testing measures the amount of water that flows back into your pipes and plumbing. Backflow can be very dangerous because it can contaminate your drinking water causing serious health problems.

Causes of backflow
Back pressure – When a sudden increase in pressure occurs in the pipes carrying potable (clean) water inside your home becomes higher than the pressure of water being carried by the main outside pipeline, the clean water from your home flows in reverse and has the potential of entering sewer lines.

Back-sipponage – This occurs due to an abrupt drop in pressure in the mainline caused in most cases by a pipe burst. Non-potable water running within nearby sewer pipes, enters the potable water pipes and contaminates the water because of the low pressure.

Healthy living
The most important benefit of backflow testing is keeping you and your family healthy. When water contaminated by feces, bacteria and other harmful debris backs up into your drains and plumbing, it can cause serious health problems. Your home might have a backflow problem and you are not even aware of it. Annual backflow testing is highly recommended to keep your water clean and keep you and your family healthy.

Prevention methods
Fortunately, if your home experiences backflow, there is a plumbing device that will prevent dirty water from flowing back into your pipes. A backflow preventer is a mechanical device that uses check valves installed at the plumbing system service entrance that will keep your water from flowing back into your pipes and plumbing. It is important to continually maintain your backflow preventer and have it regularly tested to make sure it is working properly.