Hydro Jetting process

Benefits of Hydro Jetting – How it Works and Why You Should Consider It

A clog in your drain can be a major inconvenience and a frustrating situation. You’ve tried plunging and even chemical drain cleaners but nothing seems to be working. Before you decide to snake your drain, consider the many benefits of hydro jetting as a better alternative.

How it works
Hydro jetting is a plumbing method conducted by inserting a pipe with a high pressured water flow into your drain that clears away all debris.

Removes clogs
Most importantly, hydro jetting will clear your drain of any clog. Hydro jetting uses high pressured water that will remove any clogged drain. Unlike snaking, hydro jetting will clear your clog completely because the water is able to reach every inch of the drain.

Safe for pipes
Snaking your drain can be risky because the snake has the possibility of cracking your drain. Hydro jetting has more mobility than a snake does making it safer for your drain and lowering the risk of damage.

Natural cleaning
Liquid drain cleaners use harmful chemicals that can damage your plumbing. Hydro jetting uses only water to clear the clog – a much better and completely natural alternative to liquid drain cleaners.

Prevents clogs
Since a snake is unable to reach every nook and cranny of your pipe, it often leaves behind gathered debris that will eventually build their way back up to a clog. When you have your drain cleared using hydro jetting, it will clear the clog completely, making your drain stay clog free longer.

Deep cleanse
Not only will hydro jetting clear your clog, it will remove all residues from your drains including; soap, grease, ice, mud and even bacteria.