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Benefits of Trenchless Drain Repair

Trenchless repair is a method that uses new technology to repair your sewer or water line without having to dig up your entire yard. The two most common methods of trenchless repair is pipe lining and pipe bursting.

Pipe lining – New flexible pipe covered in a firm sticky substance is blown or pulled into place and then is inflated. The coating then hardens and essentially becomes a pipe within a pipe. The only digging involved in this process is one small hole needed to gain access.

Pipe bursting – This works by pulling a new pipe through the old pipe. As the new pipe is pulled, the old pipe “bursts” outwards, allowing the new pipe to be put into place. Two holes need to be dug on both ends of the pipe being replaced, but is a much better option than digging up the whole yard.

Trenchless repair offers more benefits than the traditional method. One of the most annoying parts of traditionally repairing your pipes is having to dig up your front yard or driveway. This is especially unfortunate when you’ve put a great deal of effort into your landscape. Instead of watching a large portion of your lawn being torn up, trenchless repair usually only takes one day which saves you a lot of time.

The new technology provided by trenchless repair will also save you money. Not only will it save you on the cost of having your yard dug up and the endless hours of manual labor, you will also save thousands on restoring your landscape or re-paving your driveway. In some cases your sewer or water line goes onto public property and you have to dig up the sidewalk or portion of the road to which you are also responsible for having repaired. Trenchless repair will eliminate these pricey costs and the headache that goes along with it.

When the pipes under your home become cracked, corroded or damaged, you can receive trenchless repair. This includes pipes damaged by tree roots or frozen pipes that have burst or cracked.