man trying to fix his plumbing issues

Check Your Plumbing Seals to Help Prevent Future Issues from Occurring

Faulty or worn plumbing seals can cause some major plumbing problems. They can cause leaks and cracks which can result in some serious repair and a hefty plumbing bill. To prevent future issues, you should regularly check your plumbing seals. Inspecting the following plumbing seals once a month or quarterly at least, will help avoid plumbing disasters in your home.

Toilet tanks – Inspect the bolts that hold the tank to the bowl. This involves bending down with a flashlight and physically looking at the bolts under the tank, if they show signs of moisture, rust or corrosion they should be replaced.

Toilet wax rings – This refers to the seal that holds the toilet to the floor. Examine where the toilet meets the floor for moisture, if possible look underneath and inspect for moisture around the drain pipe.

Supply lines – Review the water supply to all fixtures. Under cabinets, look for moisture or metal supplies turning green from corrosion. Also check for plastic supplies swelling, these are all signs they should be replaced.

Shut off valves – Check around handles for moisture, your shutoff valves for sinks and toilets should be exercised at least 1 to 2 times a year by turning them off and then back on.

Washing machine hoses – This can be done simply by using a flashlight and inspecting the entire length of the hose for abnormal swelling. Be sure to check connections for abnormal corrosion.

Checking these plumbing seals regularly will save your home from water damage and from having to make expensive repairs and replacements.