leaking toilet

9 Most Common Causes of a Leaky Toilet


Leaky toilets can be annoying because there are so many causes. If you have a leaky toilet, you should have a professional plumber address it. Leaks can lead to high water bills because of wasted water and even property damage. Here are some of the most common causes of a leaky toilet so hopefully the next time you have one you can address it before bigger problems occur.

1. Worn Washers/Bolts
Sometimes washers and bolts get worn out and contribute to a leaky toilet. There are two large bolts that keep the tank attached to the bowl. If something goes wrong with those your toilet will leak water onto the floor.

2. Tank-Bowl Gasket
There is a three-inch gasket that works along with the two large bolts and washers to keep the bowl attached to the tank without leaks. The gasket along with the bolts can corrode due to age or an unwanted chemical buildup.

3. Corrosion
Corrosion can be the most physically damaging problem that can affect your plumbing fixtures and pipes. It develops at any place in your pipes and can result in impurities in the water, age, chemical reactions or a combination of all three.

4. Rusty Pipe
Rust is actually a result of corrosion and only affects the metallic portions of the toilet. Rust development is also a result because most toilet parts are continually underwater.

5. Cracked Tank
The tank is a large container where water flows into the bowl after you flush it. A reason water might leak is if the tank cracks.

6. Cracked Bowl
Something that is worse than a cracked tank is a cracked bowl. If you find it to be cracked, it needs replaced immediately so you don’t have to worry about wasting water or even property damage.

7. Float
The float is a large plastic ball attached to a rod that floats in the tank. If that stops working, the toilet will run continuously and might even overflow!

8. Feed line
The feed line is the tube or piping that gives water to the toilet when you flush it. The line can come worn or loose over time. This is when you should repair it before a leak occurs

9. Overflow Tube
Lastly, the overflow tube should relocate the water if the tank starts to overflow. Water will spill onto the floor though if the overflow tube has an obstruction.

Hopefully this list will help you find the source of a leaky toilet. To stay up to date with repairs, call Gillece!