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Five Telling Signs You’re in Need of Drain Cleaning

On those days you spend spring cleaning, don’t forget to add your drains to the list. Just like any other place in your house, your drains get a lot of use and can become filled with hair, food, soap scum and other debris. If not properly cleaned, you can have a serious clogged drain on your hands. It’s difficult to know when to clean your drain if you can’t see what they look like. Below are the most common signs to look for so you know when to have your drains cleaned.

Slow drains – The most common indicator that your drains should be cleaned is when the water takes a while to empty out of the tub or sink. When this occurs, there are obviously some major blockages going on in your drain that needs to be cleared.

Empty toilet – If you notice that the water in your toilet isn’t filling up to where it normally does, you could have a drain blockage. Prevent the risk of a clogged toilet and have your drains cleaned.

Odor – A foul odor coming from your drain is a sign your drains are in desperate need of cleaning, you shouldn’t be able to smell your drains! Any hint of rotting food or methane will tell you to clean your drains.

Water backup – Have your drains cleaned should you experience a water backup in your sink drain. This sign is a good indicator that a clog is on its way if the water is unable to go down with ease.

Gurgling sounds – When you hear strange noises resembling gurgling sounds coming from your dishwasher or washing machine, you definitely need to clean your drain.

A good and reliable drain cleaning service is exactly what you need when you experience any of the above. Call Gillece Services to have your drains cleaned by our trusted and certified plumbers.