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How to Extend the Life of Your Plumbing System

The plumbing in your home is an expensive system so it’s important that it lasts as long as possible. Although you can’t control things such as tree roots from cracking your sewer line, there is much more you and your family can do daily that will prolong the life of your plumbing system.

Prevent clogs
The less you put a snake down your drain, the better. Snaking a clog will cause wear and tear on your drain and there is always a risk of the snake damaging your drain. You can prevent clogs by not flushing items such as paper towels, cotton balls, wet wipes or other items down the drain. Hydrojetting is a risk free method that can actually help prevent clogs as it will remove built up grease and soup scum from your drains.

Prep plumbing for winter
When cold weather arrives, you should drain your swimming pool and sprinkler system. Be sure all the outdoor spigots are completely turned off and are not dripping. This will prevent water from freezing inside the line and causing a pipe burst in the winter. You should insulate the pipes in all unheated locations: the basement, crawl space, garage, attic, and under both the kitchen and bathroom sink. By insulating your pipes, it will decrease the chances of your pipes from freezing by keeping the core temperature of the pipe from decreasing as fast.

Maintain septic tank
Your septic tank is a major component of your home’s plumbing. You can easily maintain your septic tank by conserving water and disposing of waste properly. The less your plumbing is being used, the easier it is on your septic tank. You can also protect your septic tank by placing the rain water drainage system far from the drain field. If placed too close, the drainage system will add additional water which will slow the flow and even stop the wastewater treatment process.

Check for leaks and running toilets
A running toilet or a leak will significantly raise your water bill. Not only will the water bill increase, but the constant running of your plumbing will cause unnecessary wear. Your plumbing was not designed to operate 100 percent of the time, be on the lookout for leaks or a running toilet to keep your plumbing lasting longer.

Avoid chemical cleaners
Chemical cleaners might partially clear a clog, but it’s really just a harmful quick fix. The chemicals found in drain cleaners are not good for your drain and will wear them down. Consider investing in a hand snake to clear pesky clogs in the kitchen sink and for the bathroom drain in order to avoid using chemical drain cleaners.