Repairman fixing a copper pipe

How To Fix a Leaking Copper Pipe

A leaking copper pipe in your home has the potential to cause significant damage and raise your water bill. Depending on the size of the leak, odds are this is a DIY project you should be able to handle. Save yourself some time and money by following the instructions below!

What you will need:

  • Pipe cutters
  • 1 copper repair sleeve
  • Propane torch

Step 1: In order to repair the leaking pipe, you’ll need to locate the leak. Once you’ve found it, measure it so you can purchase the proper size repair sleeve.

Step 2: Before you start, shut off the main water valve and allow the damaged water line to drain.

Step 3: Using pipe cutters, cut out the damaged pipe while leaving at least 1 inch on each side of the piece of pipe you are removing.

Step 4: Remove all corrosion from the inside of the pipe and clean the outside as well. Brush flux onto the inside and outside of the pipe where you cleaned.

Step 5: Put the repair sleeve in place and be sure at least ½ inch of pipe is inside the repair sleeve on both sides.

Step 6: When the repair sleeve is in place, use a propane torch to solder the joint.

Step 7: Test your handy work by turning the water back on and inspecting the pipe for any drops of water.

Should the pipe still be leaking, call Gillece and we’ll send one of our best plumbers to put a stop to the pesky pipe for you!