Adjusting Your Water Pressure: How to Lower Pressure

While many people like a heavy stream of water coming from their showerhead, especially opposed to a dissatisfying trickle, high water pressure in a home can actually damage pipes and waste a significant amount of water. The goal is to find a good balance between high and low pressure, which can be achieved by adjusting water pressure.

Water Pressure Regulator

A water pressure regulator should be installed at your property, usually located on the downstream part of your water meter. Water entering your house comes from a municipal water supply. A water pressure regulator helps to reduce the pressure coming from the main supply to a suitable pressure for your household plumbing, typically around 50 psi (pounds per square inch). The regulator also helps to prevent pressure surges from entering your home’s plumbing system from the public water main, where pressure can be much higher than it should be in your home. If you don’t have a water pressure regulator, have one installed by a professional plumber who can properly install it according to local codes.

High Pressure Problems

When water pressure is too high, you may face the risk of leaks and water damage, as well as shortened lives for your plumbing fixtures. High water pressure can cause pipe damage, dripping faucets, water heater problems, and water hammer, a banging sound that occurs in your pipes due to too much pressure. Having a water pressure regulator and knowing how to adjust it can save you hundreds of dollars or more compared to repair costs resulting from pressure problems.

Testing Your Water Pressure

You can use a water pressure gauge to test your home’s water pressure. Start by attaching the gauge to an outside faucet and opening the faucet completely. Your water pressure should be between 55 and 75 psi. 80 psi or above is considered high. Once you determine how high your pressure is, you can adjust it at the pressure regulator by accessing and turning the adjustment screw. The lower the pressure, the more water you will save.

Gillece Plumbing Professionals

Gillece Plumbers throughout the Pittsburgh area help homeowners to adjust and lower their home’s water pressure as experienced professionals. If you need to have a water pressure regulator installed or are unsure how to test your pressure and adjust it, a Gillece Plumber is just around the corner to help with all of your plumbing needs-24/7, 365.