drain flies in sink

How to Prevent Drain Flies From Coming Out Your Drain

One of the most annoying and disgusting things that can happen is sitting in the kitchen sipping some of your favorite wine and looking in the glass only to find at least five fruit flies floating about. As you go to dump the glass of wine down the sink, you notice that there are more of what appear to be fruit flies coming up out of the drain! When this happens, the most common misconception is that you think some pieces of fruit got lodged in the garbage disposal. This could be possible, but in most cases, these aren’t pesky fruit flies, they are what is commonly known as drain flies.

Drain flies typically lay their eggs in grease, flood and other matter found in your drain. From there they hatch, eat the small food particles that tend to collect in your drain and eventually make their way out of the drain when they are fully grown. They have a small lifespan of about two weeks which is much longer than that of a fruit fly, causing it to potentially become an infestation problem for you if not taken care of.

If you have sewer or drain flies, then there is food, hair, grease or sludge caught in your drain. To remove it from the drain, use a drain brush or a small plastic drain snake. This will remove the largest bit of material that the larva is coming from.

From there, it’s time to clean the drain. Fill the drain with baking soda all the way to the top until it overflows a little bit into the sink. Next, pour 1 cup of vinegar down the drain and let it work its magic. The mixture will cause a chemical reaction which will clean your drains. The baking soda will scrub and deodorize the drain and the vinegar will clean and kill bacteria as well as any eggs.

If you have a garbage disposal, toss a lemon and some ice cubes into the disposal and allow it to run for a few seconds until clear. The lemon will give your drain a nice fresh scent and the ices cubes will remove very small pieces of debris left over while also sharpening the blades on the garbage disposal.
Keeping your kitchen drain clean will prevent sewer flies from getting into your home and laying eggs in your drain. Clean your drains every few weeks with the simple baking soda and vinegar mixture and you’ll be able to enjoy your wine without hesitation.

Image source drainflies.net