How to Tell if your Sewer Line has been Breached

One of the worst issues you may face as a homeowner is a damaged sewer line and resulting sewage backup. Catching the problem early enough can mean the difference between a big mess and extensive damage and having the sewer line repaired and your home’s plumbing system back to normal. It’s important to know and pay attention to warning signs that may point to a sewer line breach.

In older homes, tree roots are often to blame for a sewer line breach. In newer homes, the problem may be associated with products flushed down the toilet that don’t disintegrate. The main signs that a blockage has occurred are water backing up out of drains or gurgling noises from drains. Other signs include:

1.       Multiple Clogs

When a clog occurs in one place only, such as the bathroom sink, usually that means that particular drainpipe is clogged. But when multiple drains become blocked throughout your home, that’s a sign of a sewer line problem.

2.       Sewer Odors

You might notice a strong sewer odor coming from your clogged drains. You might also notice the smell in your yard where the sewer line runs underneath. If the yard becomes soggy along with emitting an odor, there’s a good chance the sewer line has been breached.

3.       Gurgling Sounds

Even if you haven’t noticed your drains clogging, if you hear a gurgling sound when water flows into the drain, it could mean sewage has started backing up.

4.       Basement Pests

Sewer problems begin to show up in the lowest part of your house like your basement, where the sewage can attract insects or rats. If you notice pests that haven’t been a problem before, sewer damage might be to blame.

You might also look for:

  • Water accumulation around a floor drain
  • Slow drains
  • Low water level in toilet bowl

At the first sign of a sewer line breach, call for a professional plumber. Gillece Plumbers are the experts, with sewer and drain services including a sewer camera inspection to see what is causing your sewer problem. Depending on the cause and the extent of the breach, your plumber will provide options for repair to keep your home from experiencing further sewer damage.