How to Tell if Your Water Heater Needs Repaired

A couple of cold or lukewarm showers might tip you off to a problem with your water heater. When the water won’t get hot enough or at all, you’ll want to find out what’s wrong and get it fixed right away. Depending on the problem and the age of your unit, repair may be an option.

A conventional storage tank water heater, either gas or electric, typically lasts 8-12 years depending on factors like the amount of hot water use and level of maintenance. Common problems can pop up with your water heater, many of which can be repaired to restore the operation of your tank before it needs replaced.

Common Problems

  • No hot water
  • Inadequate hot water supply
  • Water odor
  • Water leaks

Your Gillece Plumber will check for certain issues and determine repair solutions including:

  • Ensure gas or power is connected and pilot light is lit for a gas water heater. The thermostat may need to be reset and the temperature raised
  • Your water heater may need flushed to remove sediment that can cause corrosion, create odors and decrease efficiency
  • Hot water pipes that connect to the tank could benefit from insulation
  • The heating element or thermostat may need replaced
  • A leaking pressure-relief valve may need replaced

Water Heater Replacement

If your water heater is around 10 years old and frequently experiences problems, it will likely need replaced. When corrosion exists and leaks occur around the base of the tank, replacement is necessary. The good news is that new water heater options provide better efficiency than older models and will give you a reliable supply of hot water while using less energy.

Gillece Plumbing Experts

When you need a water heater repair or are interested in upgrading your existing water heater, Gillece Plumbers are the experts. They have many solutions to meet your needs and can restore hot water flow to your home for your convenience. Call for quality service from an expert Gillece Plumber today!