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Never Wait for Hot Water Again by Installing a Hot Water Recirculation Pump

Before you get in the shower, do you turn on the water and wait for it to get warm? During cold weather, you can wait up to a minute for the water to get hot! Not only do most people do this with water in the shower, but while washing your hands, or prepping food in the kitchen sink. Think of all of that water that’s being wasted while you stand and wait a good 30 seconds for the water to get good and warm.

Prevent wasting water and lower your monthly water bill by installing a hot water recirculating pump.

A hot water recirculating pump functions by constantly moving a bit of hot water from the heater, through the pipes to every fixture and then returning back to the heater. The water that is constantly circulating in the pipe is hot. When you turn on the water from any faucet and want hot water, you won’t have to wait because the water coming from the pipe is already hot! This eliminates all of that wasted water.

This convenient feature doesn’t cost too much. It prices around $200 and is a fairly easy DIY job, depending on the type you decide to purchase. There also isn’t any additional piping required which makes it less of a hassle. Although a hot water recirculating pump can prevent you from wasting water and lower your water bill, there are a few other costs to think about. Before making a quick purchase, you’ll want to consider the cost of the additional energy that the pump will be using and the cost of additional water heating that will be necessary for the product to work.