Locating and Repairing Slab Leaks

A leaking pipe underneath your home’s foundation is known as a slab leak. Either within a water line or sewer line, a slab leak can create a number of symptoms that may be apparent immediately or over time. Gillece Plumbers have the knowledge, tools and experience needed to identify even hard-to-find slab leaks.

Slab Leak Symptoms:

  • The sound of water running when water is turned off
  • A hot spot on the floor can indicate a hot water leak from a water line
  • Cracks present in the floor or walls
  • Moisture or mildew under carpeting
  • High water bills with no apparent cause
  • Damp spots on the floor

If you’re experiencing a hot water leak, it’s easier to locate because of hot spots. For a cold water line, each fixture will need to be checked with a pressure gauge to see if levels drop. Your Gillece Plumbing Technician can help to identify the exact location of a slab leak with specialized tools, including a listening device in certain cases.

Sewer Line Slab Leaks

When a slab leak occurs within a sewer line, it often goes undetected until there are signs of foundation damage, including heaving. A listening device comes in handy when leaks are hard to find. Air is pumped into the line to remove remaining water, and your Gillece Plumber can listen for any escaping air coming from a damaged pipe.

Slab Leak Repair

Depending on the location of a slab leak, your Gillece Technician will present suitable repair options. For an older plumbing system that has experienced frequent leaks and especially one with galvanized piping, the most effective repair method is to replace the entire line. This is also the most common kind of repair used for slab leaks. When dealing with newer construction, spot repair may be an option to repair the pipe at the source of the leak.

Gillece Plumbing Experts

Gillece Plumbing Services specializes in leak detection in plumbing systems throughout your home. If you notice damp spots, hot spots, an increase in your water bill or other symptoms, call for an experienced plumber to inspect your fixtures and pipes to get to the bottom of a pesky leak. Call Gillece!