Drain Unclogging Procedure: 3 Steps to Clear Clogs

From your kitchen and bathroom sinks to your main line, clogged drains happen, and expert plumbers have the tools and knowledge to make them go away. With the right drain unclogging procedure, blockages can be cleared and pipes cleaned to restore plumbing flow throughout your home. Gillece Plumbing provides effective sewer and drain cleaning services when you need them. Gilley’s Clog Crusher™ is one drain unclogging procedure Gillece Plumbers use to break up obstructions within your drains and sewer lines, including sinks, tubs, and floor drains.

There are a few steps involved in unclogging a drain, from identifying the location of the clog to using effective tools to break it up.

1. Identifying the Problem

A sewer camera inspection is often used first to identify the clog culprit and the exact location of the blockage within your pipes. Fed into a drain through a line of cable, a sewer camera can reach up to 200 feet within your sewer line. Images are recorded for your plumber to see exactly what is going on so that he can take the next step to unclog the drain.

2. Drain Snaking to Crush Clogs

Many common clogs caused by hair, food, and debris buildup can be cleared with snaking, where a drain “snake” slides through your pipes and pushes through buildup to clear it away. Gilley’s Clog Crusher powers through drains to get to the clog at the source using a rotating motion. The snaking method reaches clogs and twists back and forth to break them up.

3. Flushing out Pipes

Once a drain line has been cleared of clogs, a flush of water completes the procedure to clean out remaining debris.

If you have a more intense blockage that’s causing your drains to clog, such as tree root intrusion, your Gillece Plumber may recommend hydro jetting to break through root growth. Hydro jetting uses a high-pressure force of water to clean pipe walls and blast through heavy debris. It is one type of drain unclogging procedure that deals with larger clogs unaffected by typical drain snaking methods.

For all of your sewer and drain cleaning needs, call Gillece! We are the experts for clearing out pipes and clearing away your plumbing problems.