Benefits of Sewer Cleaning

When a drain in your home becomes clogged, you might reach for a chemical drain cleaner or attempt to clear the blockage within the affected sink yourself. In some cases, you might find that multiple drains are clogged at once, and you have a backed-up toilet and sewage odor. Whatever the situation, it’s never pleasant, and you need urgent plumbing service. This is when sewer cleaning comes into action.

Sewer cleaning involves your pipelines where blockages often occur, keeping water from being able to flow as normal and affecting multiple drains in your home. Regular drain cleaning can help to keep your pipes clear, and sewer cleaning also has a number of benefits:

1. Blockage Detection

When you have a sewer line blockage, Gillece Plumbers typically begin with a sewer camera inspection to see what is going on before performing the cleaning. A sewer camera is fed with a line of cable into your main line to see where obstructions or other issues exist. This is an important part of determining what is the exact problem is and how best to address it.

2. Clear Drains

Snaking and hydrojetting are two common sewer cleaning methods. Snaking can usually take care of less intense obstructions, while hydrojetting is more effective for heavier blockages, like tree roots. When sewer cleaning is complete, you’re left with clear pipes that will stay that way for a significant length of time.

3. Clog Prevention

Sewer cleaning also helps to prevent clogs from forming. If you stay on top of drain cleaning and keep certain things out of each of your drains, such as fats, oils, and grease, you can help to avoid messy sewer backups, slow draining sinks, sewage odors, and more.

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