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Benefits of Sewer Video Inspection

sewer video inspection equipment

It’s pretty cool that in today’s day and age, some of our biggest problems can be fixed thanks to technology. Unfortunately, plumbing blockages or broken pipes can occur in our home. Instead of just digging out your entire yard to find the specific problem, sewer video technology is changing the game. There are obviously a number of benefits when it comes to video pipe inspections for homeowners. Here are just a few:

Finding Exact Location of Problem

  • One of the obvious benefits of video inspection is being able to identify the specific area where the pipe is damaged or blocked instead of digging.
  • Using a camera designed for pipes and drains, it is able to pinpoint the location.

Saving Time AND Money

  • Finding the problem using video inspection technology is quicker and cheaper than digging
  • It also reduces the time the affected pipe can be restored
  • Professional plumbers are trained to use the camera so you can have a quick, painless visit

Lack of Damage to Landscape

  • Just imagine digging up your yard just to find a damaged pipe! Sewer video inspection removes the need to dig in order to identify the source.
  • Once the source of the problem is found, that will be the only area in your yard that will be affected.

Ridiculous Rates

  • Some plumbing companies may try to make outlandish claims to the condition of your plumbing system. Now with video footage, homeowners can see the problem themselves and not worry that they are getting ripped off.

Today video inspections make sewer repair accurate and easy. If you think you have a plumbing blockage, call Gillece today! We will send one of experienced technicians to your home so this problem gets fixed easily and stress-free.