Whole House Water Filter

Gillece Water Quality Services’ ProSeries Whole House Water Filter:

The best water quality for your entire home

If the water in your home seems unsafe or unpleasant to drink, it probably is. Many people drink bottled water because tap water can have a bad taste or odor, in addition to being potentially harmful to your health. Why? A large number of chemicals are added to water supplies for preservation purposes and to get rid of bacteria and viruses before the water reaches your home. However, chemicals like chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, which may remain in the water that flows through your faucets, can potentially cause physical dryness and irritation, illness, or even more serious disease. Some studies have linked the presence of chemicals in unfiltered water to cancer in your body. For reducing and eliminating the number of these potentially dangerous chemicals, Gillece Services’ Whole House Water Filters by ProSystems are a smart and effective solution.

Whole House Filters work to filter water throughout your entire home, so you don’t have to worry when you want to get a drink from the kitchen sink or rinse with water from the bathroom. The ProSeries Whole House Water Filter by ProSystems and installed by Gillece Services is a carbon-based filtration system for the entire home. It uses Granular Activated Carbon to filter out contamination such as chlorine or chloramines that can be found in your water. Complete with a programmable valve that allows your Gillece Water Quality Specialist to program the back flush cycle for maximum efficiency based on your household’s specific water usage. The valve’s computer stores related data that can be monitored in order to see if the back flush cycle needs adjusted or if the carbon needs replaced.

How does it work? First, a Gillece Services Water Quality Specialist installs the filter between your main water line and interior pipes. Once installed, water enters the filter and passes through the Granulated Activated Carbon that filters out impurities. Then, clean, fresh-tasting water flows through the filter and out of faucets throughout your entire home, from your tap to anywhere water flows. Your Whole House Water Filter will clean itself and refresh the carbon bed for maximum efficiency, based on the back flush cycle that has been preprogrammed by your Gillece Water Quality Specialist.

Not only is the ProSeries Whole House Water Filter effective and efficient, but it is also eco-friendly. It saves you money and reduces waste from bottled water and uses 1/10 of the energy that a water cooler requires. Clean, great tasting water available straight from your tap means you will drink more of it, which is an additional health benefit. Whole House Water Filters provide you with the best water quality possible while also helping the environment. Call Gillece to order your ProSeries Whole House Water Filter today!

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